What Wedding Stationery Pieces Do You Actually Need?



Now that you have your wedding stationery checklist, you might be thinking whaaat? I need all of this!?
(Didn't get the checklist? Head here to download it now...Wedding Stationery Checklist )
Well, no you don't really (but of course it is always lovely to receive lots of beautiful pieces of coordinated stationery!). If you are on a budget, or really don't feel the need for all the bells and whistles, you can still make a stunning impact with just the right pieces. Let's face it, your wedding invites are not just there to convey info to your guests (of course they do just that) but they are also act as an announcement to your big day, set the theme, tone and formalities for the day.
So first up, no guesses here...you need a wedding invite.

Callistemon Wedding Invite

Keep the wording details to a minimum, and it will be easier for your guests to read and take in.
Lots of couples these days are using a wedding website. Info like ceremony and reception details can be expanded on, as well as rsvp dates, accommodation info and details on parking at the venue etc.
This then leaves room on your invites to highlight the most important details. Your date, time and ceremony/reception details and times.

Rose Wedding Rsvp

Sometimes I allow the rsvp details to be added to the invite, but only if the details are an email or phone number to rsvp, otherwise it's best to have a separate rsvp card. My designs are all the size of a postcard and are designed in the way that the guests can simply fill out and stick a stamp on and drop into the post.
This card will give you your numbers for your ceremony/reception, let you know what the guest's dietary requirements are , and sometimes we can add a fun line for guests to let you know what song they love and that will get them off that chair and onto the dance floor!.
Your return name and address is already printed onto the card, so it's an easy but necessary card to gather the info you need, for your venue and food information.

Swallow Birds Thank you Card

 I really believe this one should not go un-missed. Forget text messages,Facebook posts or an email, that just won't cut it for your wedding thank you's.
For a little tip, when you are opening your gifts the day after your wedding or when you return from your honeymoon, make sure one of your bridesmaids is still on duty and have them write down what each guest has bought for you along with their names. That way, when it comes to writing your thank you cards (always hand written too!) you can personally thank them for that specific gift.
I guarantee it, they will be chuffed, and feel appreciated.

Gum Leaf Seating Chart



 Give your guest's the chance to find their seat soon after the ceremony. It has been a long day for them too, and sometimes a restful seat before the party starts can be very welcoming.
Providing a seating chart (or if there is no seating arrangements a non seating chart) is the best way to direct your guests to their table and seat, and eagerly await your arrival as a married couple and enjoy the rest of the night.
 Up next...Wording For Your Invites...the basics you will need, plus wording for tricky circumstances!
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