About Me

A little more about me...
I have spent quite a few years slowly carving out my dream job. After working as a Visual Merchandiser for 6 years, then dabbling in wholesaling with my hand made children's clothing, event styling and now fast forward about 10 years, I'm here doing exactly what I should be doing.
Designing and illustrating.
I have been a creative all my life, all I ever did was draw. Whoever would sit still for me, they got a portrait drawn! I have always had a love for design, styling, interiors, art and colour.
Born and bred in Australia, I'm the youngest of 4 girls, and the 'Aussie' of a Scottish family. 
I'm a little obsessed with decorating, upcycling furniture pieces, scouring op shops, browsing markets on a Sunday morning, feeling the warm sand on my feet and my biggest passions besides the love of paper, art and design is animals.
After a big health scare at the beginning of 2021, I decided there was no time like the present to do more of what I love. I put off fostering animals for a long time because it wasn't the right time...blah blah blah! I now foster kittens and their mum's and help them find their forever home.
I have a big affinity for our furry friends of all species, and with this comes a vegan lifestyle. An extension of this is a love for our planet and recycling, when you purchase your wedding invites, you won't be receiving them in fancy new boxes, they are all recycled but still presented beautifully.
I would love to work with you to create some beautiful art, in whatever format in may be.
Welcome to Paper and Style Co.

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