Beautiful Ways to Style Your Artwork at Home


 Do you pour over Pinterest images with oohh's and ahh's? Love a pulled together room? I do to, and I love Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. But at some stage we need to get off Pinterest and get motivated. While making this post I have definitely gotten motivated, as I need to get more artwork and family photos back up on my walls.

My home is lovingly nicknamed the Prop house, as it is full of props and collections of things I used to style weddings, or rooms when photographing my art. But after countless hanging and removing frames, I have left down family photos. I am loving the block framed walls and know the exact spot I am going to re create this. (I will share some pics soon!)

I hope you can get some inspiration, and then motivated to actually get some art on your walls. It feels great to be able to see things you love and have a welcoming home you are proud of, but most of all love living in.


The following four images show how great framed art can look when it is displayed using the same frame and similar art in groups of two or three. A bold and clean look.


Paper and style co set of 3 botanical prints



 The next four images have a similar effect with grouped frames, with lots of white space in the frame, running down a hallway. They really create an interesting path.



Working with the same size and same style of frame to create a striking look, framing the tv is a look I'm thinking of creating. It takes away the fact their is a big black tv in the room.

Paper and Style Co set of 3 botanicals 



I love love love this look, using lots of different sized frames, but keeping within the same colour tones, this look is so relaxed and interesting. Why it works? Use either black frames or white frames on one wall. Don't you want to get up close and check out all of the pieces? Easy to hang too!



Art on shelves have to be the quickest and easiest way to display your art. Layer different sizes and coloured frames to create an interesting focal point. 



 I love seeing art amongst other art pieces. It creates a real focus point in your room and adds character.



 This is something I have been noticing over the last few months, have you noticed? Art displayed in places that we would really think of. The kitchen bathroom and even toilet. I love it. Especially the vintage style art in the kitchen. 


Inspired by the old, Poster Hangers are new again. I think this has to be one of the easiest ways to hang art. It is quick and depending on how you display, often leaves no traces of nail holes (as seen here in the first shot hanging on an acordian frame) First 2 images have been taken and styled by Zoe from thediydecorator

We design and hand make these Poster Hangers, check then out HERE

 Protea Illustration

Styled Protea shot Poster Hanger

Christmas Wrapping paper in Poster Hanger

Swallow Birds Calendar


Feeling inspired now!? I'd love to see you before and after shots of your artwork. How will you display your art? 

(For image credit, click on images)

Next up, I will be sharing how I hang art. It is really easy and you will be hanging art all over your home in no time!

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