Well hello there!

I am back!
Well I haven't been anywhere, but the last time I posted was around 3 months ago and I was basically just coming up for air.
Well that air I took, was a short deep breath and then it was all on again.
I have achieved a lot in the last couple of months and since it has been so long, I was wondering how the hell was I going to update you all without boring you by thowing it all out there at once!?
I am sure you follow along on Insta where I post most updates, so I won't bore you with  all the details and give you a recap of my last few months.
Starting with this because I am most excited by it! 
I have landed my very first wholesale account in a gorgeous new store in Seddon, Melbourne. It's called Lonni Lifestyle and it is just over the Westgate Bridge west of Melbourne.

My Eucalyptus print hanging in the window using the Poster Hangers we now also sell (more on that soon)

Needless to say this is as proud moment and something I have wanted for some time now, hopefully you will find my artwork in other stores soon! But for now head to Lonni Lifestyle and see the beautifully curated store, oh and their is a great cafe right next door.


So i have spent a long time print testing and looking at different paper stocks and I have found a really lovely medium...paper stock and price wise.

I am now able to offer a pack of 12 postcards in a great kraft envelopes. There are 6 illustrations in total (2 of each design)

I love the versatility of postcards, use them as a postcard and send notes to family or friends, use them as thank you cards for your wedding, or use them as mini art (my favourite). However you use them, enjoy having 6 of my most popular illustration on one neat pack. It's a great way to have a close look at my work before committing to larger prints too.


Around the last time I posted I began drawing more blooms, in particular the Magnolia and that followed by the Protea and Peony which can be purchased on it's own or as a set of 3!

set of 3 prints, protea, magnolia and peony illustrations


I love making my artwork extend to my invitations and so designed the Protea Invite in grey or green and has proved very popular-almost more popular then the Gum Leaf-never thought it was possible!

 And here is the wrapping paper...

From my magnolia illustration came these invitations...

New design! 'Jasmine'

Hand painted using watercolour, just in time for those spring weddings!

Jasmine Wedding Invitation

Jasmine Envelope Liners



Of course you will know that when you sign up to my newsletters you receive a free download of my weekly planners.

I am currently teamed up with the lovely Holly from Motherhood Melbourne and when you sign up to here list, you receive a new planner I have released with her audience (will soon be available here to purchase or get free on sign up)

But for now you can get this Magnolia planer while it's still available.

Are you still with me!?

I have one last update I hope you will love...

Now I have never in my adult life thought of Christmas so early:) I have created my very first Christmas wrapping paper with a strong focus on Australian botanicals cause I just can't do snowflakes and snowmen, I felt a need to bring an Aussie vibe to our Christmas and make it our own-makes sense right (with our summers and all!)

Christmas botanical wrapping paper

Christmas wrapping paper

Wrapping paper seen here styled as a piece of artwork (using our very own Poster Hangers!)

Christmas wrapping paper


So as you can see I have been a tad busy! I really hope you love my new work, if you do feel free to share this blog post or head to my website to have a good look around.


Thanks for hanging around and reading all the way through!





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