We have your Mother's Day gift idea all wrapped up!


Mother's Day is a day I really enjoy.

 For the simple fact that it brings my family together.

Two out of three of my sisters are mum's, so it is special for us all.

 We all buy gifts for mum, just because, but it has to be the hardest task of all, mum is the kind of mum who simply lives for her kids and grandkids.

 She doesn't have hobbies or loves to decorate or shop too much.

She has all the books (plus a kindle) and reads them in two days flat, she has a comfortable home, she has all she needs. 

 But what she does want , is to have us all by her side...to share a cup of tea and feed us her veggie and lentil soup (that i still cannot replicate!)

 So for my mum who loves the simple life, a beautifully wrapped bunch of flowers is the perfect gift.

 So, to please her and many other mum's ...I'm sure, I have teamed up with Flowers By Night who is offering a large bouquet of beautiful blooms and wrapped up in my new Magnolia wrap.


Head over to her page to place your order by Friday 12th May at 3pm.

Flowers By Night 



To see what wrapping paper is on offer, check out my Shop.

You can also purchase on it's own if you wish.


 Flowers are short lived but much loved.


Happy Mother's Day!



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