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Hi all!

Just a couple of updates for you to stay informed on all things Paper and Style Co.

First up...


I have loved designing wrapping so so much, but if you are also a subscriber you will have recently heard about my latest woes when it comes to my beloved wrapping paper. My printer has decided to charge more and refuses now to print any designs with a full colour background. So, bye bye my duck egg blue magnolia wrap and dusty pink Christmas wrap. Yes there are only 2 out of about 6 of my designs, but I had so many new designs I wanted to offer you.

And as mentioned the price has gone up...which really means I don't really make ANY moolah on this at all.

I will be monitoring how much you love (and buy) and if it will stay in my product range. In the meantime I am sending myself loopy (it's for a good cause right) trying to find a new printer who understands micro businesses that cannot afford to print thousands. If you know of any-send them my way...please!!!

BUT...their may be a way to offer you these patterned designs...as a print! What do you think?

Keep a look out on my Instagram page, I might do a little trial...


My lovely calligrapher is on hols between 6th October and 23rd October. So, if you want your first proof’s to be ready before the 6th, get in touch now! Or please be aware you will not receive a first proof until after the 23rd October.

However, there is an alternative. I can offer an equally beautiful digital font if you need your invites during this time.

Thanks for reading… If you do have any questions regarding any of this please email me on hello@paperandstyleco.com.au



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