The Easiest Way to Hang a Gallery Wall



the easiest way to hang a gallery wall


If you are like me and love to hang artwork in your home and are a DIY lover, this tutorial will be a great time saver for you. I have spent lots of wasted time working out ways to hang art and photos in a straight line, only to end up with more holes in the wall than frames on the wall! Read on to see how easy it actually is when you use this easy peasy method!


tools to hang frames





Measuring Tape

Scrap Kraft Paper or Newspaper

Low Tac Tape/Blue Tape


Hanging Hardware (I used 3 packs of picture hooks from Kmart)

Frames and artwork/photos


paper template

Once you have selected your frames and placed artwork or photos inside, use the actual frame as a template.
Place it on top of the kraft paper or newspaper and with your pencil trace a line exactly around the outside of the frame.
Cut this out and use to make 6 templates (or however many frames you are hanging)


level first section


Hold your frames against the wall to estimate the height and area you wish to hang. Mark a tiny spot on the top level that your frames will sit.

And with your blue low tac tape, run a piece along the wall horizontally. Take your leveler and place lightly on top of the tape to make sure the tape is level. If not, simple remove the tape a little and re-position.

tape up paper templates

 Once you have your first level of tape ready, using your paper templates tape up your center piece first, and work your way out...eye-balling the width where each frame will sit next to each other. Or simple hold up 2 frames sided by side to see what distance you prefer. Tape all of your paper up and use your leveler to make sure the paper is also level.


Measure the distance from framing/nail hook on back of frame (string frames are a little easier, it depends on your frames but these are cheap frames from Kmart, so make sure you measure each one as the spacing can vary)




measure spacing

 On each paper template, using your measure tape to find the center, then the height of your nail position.


 Find the center point, mark and nail your nail/hook right into that spot.



 Once all paper templates have their nails in, remove all of the tape and paper and you will be left with your exact frame markings.

 Simpy hang your artwork or photos!

hanging frames

 I am so happy with the results, there are a few steps, but it is the prep work that always results in beautifully and straight displayed frames...and no extra holes!!

gallery wall styled


gallery wall styled

 Happy me with my new wall gallery (with bad hair day and all!) this time I decided to hang photos of my family, as they have missed out for a while as I am always trying to find space to display my artwork to photograph.

gallery wall styled

If you have any questions about this tutorial feel free to email me! I hope I have inspired you to hang your own gallery wall!



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