Small Business Highlight: 5 minutes with Dunne With Style

 Today, I'm happy to introduce you to Samantha from Dunne With Style. I'm sure you have heard of the name or even used some of her creations for a special occasion.
I am loving how I am hearing a repeat pattern of young business people that I am interviewing who have followed their dreams, without any formal training and created amazing businesses through pure passion and hard work.
If that's not inspiring I don't know what is!
I hope you are loving reading about everyone here, its certainly inspired me and cemented the thought in my head that if you really want something, along with hard work and support you can have it! (with or without formal training')
Samantha from Dunne with Style also runs a successful creative hook up called The Creative Exchange. I have been a part of the first one, and now the second. Its run through Instagram, two people are hooked up unknowingly...and for a few weeks we stalk each others feeds to see with their interests are and create a package to send to them. It can be something for them to create/make/bake whatever, then its photographed and shown on Instagram. I really love the concept and I have made some lovely connections by being involved in this.
Hope you enjoy learning a little more about Dunne With Style!
Don't forget to visit her here

1. Tell us how your business began.

When my daughter turned one I spent the months leading up to her birthday making every type of decoration I could think of - cupcake toppers, pinwheels, favour boxes - To begin with I wasn't sure where to start and then I didn't know when to stop. Friends and family encouraged me to make a few pieces to sell, so I begun making cupcake toppers thinking it would be an enjoyable hobby, and with a snowball of support all of a sudden I'm here! I'm still not exactly sure how it all happened but I am grateful to everyone that has supported me along the way. 

2. How did you come up with your business name?
When I married into the surname 'Dunne' I had become accustomed to the done/Dunne jokes (Are you done? I've been Dunne for years!) and despite my fair dislike for them it seemed fitting to use it in my business name! 

3. Your favourite /worst part of being in business?
I love being able to spend my days creating whilst my children play underneath me - but whilst there are many advantages of working from home, there's always a trade off, and everyone that juggles working from home and playing full time mum will tell you of the late nights that roll into early mornings working whilst the babies sleep, regardless I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

4. What do you think makes your business a success?
Id like to think its a balance of products with a point of difference and a personable approach with my customers. I approach each enquiry on a needs basis, clients can give me as many or as little details and requirements and I can fill the gaps for them. I take a lot of pride in creating high quality handmade products that come equally well presented. When you receive a Dunne with Style order it should feel like opening a little gift to yourself. 

5. Did you have any formal training to get where you are today?
Only practice and learning from my mistakes. My formal education is in health sciences - my life before Dunne with Style was as an exercise physiologist, I like to think of it as my right brain / left brain balance! 

6. What makes you stand out above all other creatives?
I don't think I necessarily stand out above any one, I just like to think I have found my niche and pocket in the creative world. There are so many talented creatives that I look up to, but I think if you're true to yourself and authentic there's always room for more. 

7. What did you want to be growing up as a child?
I had no idea! And now I have a long list of things Id like to do 'when I grow up' !! 
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