Guest List planner, printable and downloadable, this wedding guest list planner with help organise your guest list.

Organising your Guest List

If you are here, I'm guessing this means you are organising a big event in your life.
Whatever it may be, if it deserves the attention of a carefully planned guest list,
it's important to you.
This task involves conversations with both sets of parents and your future spouse.
You'll be discussing your venue capacity, whether you want a small affair, or something big, and how many guests you can realistically afford to invite.
So here are my tips on planning your guest list without too much stress.
Usually, and traditionally whoever is paying, does get a good say in who is invited.
Sometimes one set of parents pays half, and the couple pays the other. Or if you are lucky, both sets of parents' chips in, and so everyone should have a say in who is invited
In order of 'importance', here is how you can start your list, the easy guest get listed first and will help keep things going.


  1. Immediate family (parents and siblings)
  2. Wedding party members (Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Bridesmen, Groomsladies, etc.)
  3. Close family (Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, first Cousins)
  4. Close friends to you, your partner and both set of parents
  5. Extended family members (distant relatives like Great-Aunties and Uncles, Second Cousins, etc.)
  6. Other friends, Co-Workers, etc. 
  7. Make sure (if you have decided to) to add on plus one's to each particular person on the list.
Plus one's sometimes need some clarity, I recommend setting some rules
to determine if a plus one should be included.
Agree to rules like they should be married, living with the partner,
and been an item for at the very least 6 months.
 Count all guests, if you are under the limit...well done! Move on, if not, start culling from the bottom of the list up.
I do not ever recommend having an A list or B list. Inevitably other guests will find out when a friend or cousin has an invite, and they don't yet. Awkward.


Some questions that may pop up when you are not sure.

  1. To invite kids or not. Some are happy and able to invite everyone's kids, sometimes it is close family only like your nieces and nephews.
  2. Should you invite someone who has had you as their guest? Don't feel obligated to invite just because you were invited to their wedding or event, unless you consider them in the close friend's category.
  3. What if someone has already sent a wedding gift? A little squirmy, but just be gracious and send them a beautiful thank you note.
  4. Can you invite your ex-partner? If you are still close, and maybe family members are also still close. As long as your partner is comfortable with having an ex at their wedding, then go for it!

Another tip is to have three categories for your list.




If your list is still causing any grief, leave it and come back to it in a few days after your brain has had a rest and you've gained some clarity.
 Let me know if this has help you!
Use the printable Guest List page I have created for you, print out as many as you need, and get listing!
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