Invitation To Do List-Download available!

Invitation To Do List-Download available!


So you're engaged (congratulations!)

and now it's time to start planning your wedding!

Where do you start?! 

Coming from my point of view as a stationery designer,
I believe you need to first get the guest list going.
If you need help with the guest list, stay tuned for another blog post very soon!
Tips on getting enough details to start contacting stationers,
or close enough for now, is to...
-Decide on whether you are wanting an adults only
ceremony reception, or both.
-List non negotiables. 
Close family and friends, then add friends and distant cousins etc and work friends. Then include plus 1's if you want to.
Once you have a good idea of your numbers, you can then start searching for the perfect venue. Making sure they can cater to your numbers.
Once you decide and book your venue, then it is time to get
really specific for your stationery design.
 -Decide who is hosting your wedding.
This is where the wording on your invite makes sense,
for example 'Together with our parents/families', or if you are hosting.
-You will now be able to form a wedding budget.
-You will now be able to finalise your guest list.
-You can determine the dress code.
-You can think about your theme and colours.
  1. Will you need any transport/accommodation details?
-Decide if you want a wishing well or gift registry.
-Are you having a pre or post wedding event?
-Speak with your venue provider to determine when they need your rsvp's communicated with them. Then you'll have your rsvp date for your stationer
(very important)
-Work back your dates so you know when you need to send your invites out.
 -Now for the exciting part, find a stationery design who's style and aesthetics
align with yours and book them in!
-Order your wedding invites no sooner than 3 months before your wedding date
-If you are after a custom illustrated design, book in up to 3 months before and
expect a few months worth of the design process
and add on printing and delivery times.
-Send your wedding invites 3-4 months before your wedding date, if you have interstate guests...send out up to 6 months before, international...preferably they would have received a save the date 1 year in advance.
-Set your rsvp date around 4-6 weeks before your wedding date.
-Send all of your details to them and as many images of the venue, colours you are thinking of, the style you love, your dates and start preparing your wording that you want. If you get stuck, a good stationer will always have examples
and ideas for different levels of casual to formal wording.
 Head here to download this list and the Guest List


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