Gorgeous Packaging That I Love

I LOVE great design...especially when it comes to packaging. I'm a sucker for a good product with great packaging! Just have to have it.
Is it just me,or do others do this...I sometimes keep the cool tags that were on clothing because  I know someone has spent time designing this tag and the paper and text and ribbons are too nice to throw away.
Slightly obsessed ;)
Anyway, I have some really fun projects coming up and it all has to do with packaging. Lucky me! I'm so excited to do this job, I will share with you once its finished.
For now here is some packaging I have been drooling over.







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I appreciate good packaging also. I’m swooning over those floral cups and the floral wine label, absolutely gorgeous!!! Your project sounds exciting, look forward to hearing about it. Also sounds like your business is going well, so happy for you. Catherine x

Catherine Bedson

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