Creative Ways to Frame your Art

Creative Ways to Frame your Art


Creative ways to frame your art


 There are so many ways to frame and display your artwork, I think the key to making it work, is to use an idea that suits your home and surrounding the best and enhances colours of styles in your home.

Here is a selection of some framing ideas that I love. Seeing different ways here together can really show how subtle differences can make a room.

I hope you find something to inspire you!



no matting

I just love this gallery wall, full of special wedding day memories (must do this with our wedding pics!) Creating an impact with floor to ceiling framing, the white frames with some definition is just beautiful. There is no matting here, and I love how this gives a more casual modern feel. The images are are all fairly relaxed and the frames just capture this whole feel perfectly.


no matting

Now this is a gorgeous way to display your art, but going the extra mile...these photos are printed onto stone. LOVE THIS



matting frames

Although the photos are very casual, the matting in the frames create a slight more formal display. The white along with green colour in the images pull it all together.


matting frames

This look with the matting in the frames  create a very traditional, but fresh and clean look.




large format frames

What an impact! This large format framing really plays to the decor in this home, reflecting the chairs and lighting perfectly.


large format

Besides thinking this image is the most beautiful artwork I've seen, this just had to be printed large format, it's like having a window on your wall. The thin timber framing picks up the light bark in the tree's and looks part of the art.



Paper and Style Co Poster hanger

Paper and Style Co Poster Hanger

Paper and Style Co. Poster Hanger

These have to be the most versatile yet stylish ways to hang your art. No need to measure up and find a straight line, one nail or hook and you are done. Hang the string on the hook at different lengths to get your height.

We make these Poster Hangers to order, and can make custom sizes too!


creative framing

I think this style of framing is perfect for a boho vibe and is affordable and easy to put together, making it easy to change up the images.



affordable art

One of the most affordable ways I know, I plastered my walls just like this when I was younger, keep your images the same colour, or just go black and white. This can be done anywhere. Great for parties too!

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clipboard art framing

Another affordable ways to 'frame' your art, use some clipboards or just bullnose clips, hammer a nail in and your done!

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