Concrete Platters

Hey there!
I wanted to show you all a little more detail of the concrete platters I have been making.
You may have seen my last post on the Baby Shower I styled for Sweet magazine.
When I was conceptualizing I imagined some concrete mixed with rustic white timber along with a botanical vibe (if you follow me, you will know I love botanical!)
When I started looking for concrete platters/stands  I simply could not find what I wanted....sure there are lots of little businesses popping up with amazing products, but not what I envisioned.
So, you guessed it! I designed my own.
And I love them!!
And so do others!
So I am selling them through custom orders. If there is enough interest I have plans to add to this small collection...lots of cool ideas so watch this space!
So here are a few detailed pics of how they look.
I think these would be great as a prop in your affordable way to add concrete and be up to date with current trends.
You can use them as I have, they would suit food stylist too!

If you clicked over to my Baby Shower shoot, you would have noticed my large concrete 'B' on the backdrop. I have a lot of people asking if  I were selling these. The answer is YES! Please email me with any questions or custom orders on
Orders can take up to 2 weeks.

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