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This week I am happy to introduce you to another dedicated small business owner. Kristie from KL Photography.

Its been great watching a business flourish from a idea and lots of passion, being discussed over barbecues with friends and now seeing it come to life and grow. I love seeing people follow their dreams and pursue their passion, is that not the greatest inspiration and motivation?!
I have worked with KL Photography on a couple of shoots now and its always been a relaxed vibe and the results are always what I envisioned.
KL Photography specialise in portrait photography, with families, babies and kids, wedding and commercial, and kindergarten photography (of which I'm sure you may need a certificate afterwards to say you were able to patiently assemble twenty five 3-4 year old's several times for the perfect shot!)
Please visit her gorgeous new website KL Photo

Here is a background into KL Photography...enjoy!

 Tell us how your business began.
After my kids were born it was so life changing that I started to re-evaluate what was important to me and what I was passionate about. I had always loved taking photos and was pretty good at capturing great expression but with the digital age emerging it was time to buy a new SLR camera and I decided that I should learn what to do with that camera. Then a dear friend of mine was getting married and asked me to photograph their wedding which gave me extra incentive to learn how to use my camera properly.
 How did you come up with your business name?
I wanted to use my given name which is Kristie Louise but shortened it so that people wouldn't spell Kristie incorrectly!!
 Your favourite /worst part of being in business?
Favourite part of my business is being able to do something that I absolutely LOVE and get paid for it! I can set my own hours which allows for greater work life balance. I get to see families again and again and watch their kids grow up. No greater compliment than a returning client!! Worst part would have to be that you can't always please everyone! It has been a difficult lesson to learn at times and I strive each time to deliver the greatest experience for each client.
 What do you think makes your business a success?
I think that my business is successful because I have structured it in a way that is personable, friendly, relaxed and affordable. I have 2 kids, I have a mortgage, I have school fees to pay but I also value photography and so do my clients. I offer a service that is professional, modern and flexible to current trends whilst also maintaining my own style at all times. I strive to give the clients an individual service that is tailored to their needs.
 Did you have any formal training to get where you are today?
Yes!! I initially completed a few short courses to see whether it was for me or not and had such wonderful feedback that I took the plunge in 2008 to complete a certificate in Freelance photography. Since then I regularly attend workshops that interest me and the work that I do so that I can constantly improve my skills. You're never too old or too professional to learn something new!!
 What makes you stand out above all other photographers?
Perhaps what separates me is I don't compete with other photographers or businesses. I firmly believe that there are enough people in the world for everyone to be successful. I am constantly evolving and thinking of new ways to offer a better service but ultimately people will come to me because they either love my work or they love me! Personality and who you are as a person MUST shine through or you won't be successful. My aim is to create an experience for clients. An experience that they walk away thinking.. that was so much fun!! This is when I know that i have done my job and done my job well and this is the greatest satisfaction from being in business.
 What did you want to be growing up as a child?
HA!! this was actually the theme of my 30th birthday celebration!! I wanted to be many things really.. Australian netballer, cheerleader, lawyer, accountant, a Mum. The only one that I managed to achieve was 'MUM' !! When I look at what I've already achieved so far - Nurse, Midwife, Photographer, Wife, Mum... I'm so lucky that my kids will know that you can do anything that you want in life as long as you put your mind to it. That is the greatest legacy I can have.
I hope you enjoyed reading, now go visit the website here, or check out her Facebook page, or email her directly on
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