Beautiful Backdrops

I love styling events, no question about that. But what I find is key to a well styled event and a particular space is a great backdrop.
I have put a small collection of some of my favourites that I have saved on my Pinterest board along with thousand of other pins...if you are interested in getting lost in the world of Pinterest!
Working in the event industry and designing lots of printed backdrops for dessert buffets, my mind is racing with ideas of alternative backdrops that are affordable and look fabulous too.
As soon as these ideas are put onto paper so to speak, I will be sure to share with you all!
For now, enjoy these gorgeous backdrops for some inspiration.





Credits from top to bottom
                                            1. Shotgun Floral Studio via Green Wedding Shoes
                                            2. Via Ebay Sequin Curtain fabric
                                            3. My favourite:Drop It Modern
                                            4. Floral Painted Wallpaper
                                            5.Shoes Off Please
                                            7. The Lane


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