And Breath...!


It feels a little like i have just raised my head after the last few months to take a breath!
Wedding season is now over for me. Well hopefully not over-over but, it has definitely slowed down for a little while and I am guessing it won't pick up again till at least August.
So, as sad as it may seem it does give me some time to breath, but also get back into my illustrations and new designs for my wrapping paper, postcards and possibly greeting cards that are coming soon.
So excited.
I have spent a lot of late nights researching printers and packaging, looking for not only a great deal that helps keep costs down for you the buyer (hopefully :)) but high quality print, papers and packaging.
Oh and not to mention great customer service-very high on my must have list.
Also , I am very proud to be able to say everything is printed here in Australia!
Love to support local, don't you?
Here is a little peak at my new postcard prints.
Printed on lush 600gsm white card with a black strip through the middle. Great to use as an actual postcard-flip it over to write on the blank lines and simply pop in the post, can be a thank you card, or frame as a piece of art on your desk.
Or if you are contemplating purchasing a larger print, but not sure. These postcards will  help make up your mind.
postcards, luxe postcard, mini prints
Also a big thank you for supporting not only me, but another small local florist Flowers By Night as we teamed up for the first time to offer a beautiful bunch of blooms that were wrapped in my new magnolia wrapping paper.


magnolia wrapping paper, blooms wrapped in magnolia wrap

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 Chat soon,




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