18 Most Asked Questions I Get About Wedding Invites

18 Most Asked Questions I Get About Wedding Invites




 Specific Questions I get asked ALL the Time

If you are planning your wedding invites, chances are it's the first time you've don this. How are you to know how it all works? Here are some of the questions I get every day that can help answers your questions too.


1. How does this work? Can you explain the process to me?

It's really simple, you choose your favourite design, purchase the pdf file, along with other pieces such as rsvp, wishing well etc if needed. Make the purchase and send through your wording details, I make up your first proof and we go from there. Once happy, I send you the final print file, or organise the printing.

If we are working on a custom design for you, we will discuss in more depth your style, colours and loves.

2. Do you offer print and digital designs?

Yes we offer both! I highly recommend having them printed with me, I use an amazing printer and the quality is always going to make a huge difference.

3. How long does it take from start to finish?

This really depends on how settled you are on the design and your wording. Once design is ready to go, printing can take up to 5 days, then postage to you.

4. How much does it cost to print (insert quantity here)?

It depends on how many and what pieces you are ordering, printing method. It almost always is more affordable to order more than less.

5. We have a lot of information that needs to be conveyed, what pieces do you recommend?

I recommend our Trifold Design. It is so versatile, with heaps of options, from 3 or 4 panels and double sided, and extra pieces if still required.

6. What sort of paper is used to print?

We generally use a beautiful white slightly textured 350gsm paper, a great medium, not thin and not too thick either. But we can definitely offer lot's more in terms of textures, weights and colours.

7. Do you offer samples before we commit?

Yes! Samples contain an invite, rsvp card and printed envelope. They are generally a generic design, but you will see the quality of the print and paper.


9. Do you offer custom design?

Yes! I love creating special invites that are perfect for you. I can also customise my designs to suit your colours too.


10. Are the envelopes included?

No. Envelopes are an extra cost, we offer premium envelopes in so many colours and the popular vellum too.

11. Can you print on my envelopes?

Yes! We can print your guest names on the front and also your return address on the back. Sometimes artwork can be added.

12. What info do you need from me?

Straight up, we need your names (bride and groom) as this gets sent to my calligrapher who hand writes your names. Then your details for your invite, rsvp date, times etc.Sample images on my website can help with wording ideas or ask me for ideas.

13. What happens if there is a mistake on my invites?

Hopefully any mistakes are spotted before any printing occurs. But on some occasion, mistakes happen. If printing has begun, any mistakes made by you must be paid by your for any amendments. When you send through your wording details, it is your responsibility to check proof's. If it is on our end, we will do everything to make amends.

14. Do you offer refunds if there is an issue?

Yes. This is on a case by case scenario, but if the mistake is on me, I will refund or re-print. If it is a mistake you have missed, unfortunately it is up to you to pay for a re-print.

15. What is the postage cost for you to send my printed invites to us?


16. How do we send through our guest names?

I send you a template, with sample names on an excel spreadsheet,  simply fill it out and email back to me.

17. What types of printing methods do you offer?

Most of the time we are printing standard digital print, but also offer, foiling, letterpress.

18. Should we order all of our stationery together, or get the invites out first?

 It is always more cost effective if you can to order all of your stationery together. Printing costs are greatly reduced the more you print.


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